Dwayne “The Rock” tries Pop Rocks after 27 years without eating candy

The rumour that says The Rock – famous wrestler and movie star- hasn’t tried a single piece of candy in over 27 years rings as true, especially considering his strict diet and workout regime, which are testament to his strong discipline and willpower.

Nonetheless, host Jimmy Fallon was set on discovering if the myth was true, and tempted the actor live on The Tonight Show, to break his sugar fasting with a unique selection of candy.

The Rock y un montón de tentadores caramelos.

With a selection of Twizlers, ring pops and giant gummy worms, the most tempting candy to break the abstinence could be no other… The Rock chose Pop Rocks®Peta Zetas®, international brand-, to be the very first candy he’d eat after 27 years.

Mic in hand, Fallon poured a sachet of Pop Rocks® Original Cherry into the actor’s mouth, and everybody was able to hear Pop Rocks®, popping and crackling.


The Rock’s face was worth seeing, with a smile from ear to ear! It’s impossible to not have fun when eating Pop Rocks®.

“This is how candy tastes? Wow, it’s amazing!” the actor exclaimed, thrilled after tasting his Pop Rocks®.

The Rock comiendo Pop Rocks.