Pop Rocks, fun and innovation inside a candy bag

“INNOVA+”, supplement for all regional newspapers from Vocento communication group, had stood out this November with the history of Pop Rocks® through an interview with their inventor and founder of Zeta Espacial Company, Ramón Escolà.

The report goes into detail about the birth of this known candy, which was a big surprise for millions of kids in Spain as well as in USA during the 80’s. The interview emphasizes the internationalization of the company that nowadays sells 90% of the production outside of Spain, arriving to more than 60 countries.

Pop Rocks® has expanded its horizons beyond the child’s market and arrives currently to a wider audience, with the use of the popping candy as an innovative ingredient for restaurants and also for chocolates, ice-creams, yogurts or confectionery manufacturers.

Pop Rocks®, which was born in a chemical reactor to surprise the 80’s kids, remain the most fun candy of the 21th century, both for the young and adults with child spirit.