Great success of the “Show Groups” Spain Artistic Skating Championship sponsored by Peta Zetas

The 14th “Show Groups” Championship celebrated on March 7-8 2015 was a great success, with the participation of 600 professionals from “Big Show” and “Small Show” categories, and supported by over 5000 enthusiastic fans.

Olot Artistic Skating Club won the Show Groups Championship

Olot Artistic Skating Club sponsored by Peta Zetas® was the winner in the “Big Show” category, thus reaching their 12th championship. The current world champion showed its great level with the choreography “Survive”, getting scores like 9,6 and 9,8 . Podium was completed by Reus and Girona clubs.

Peta Zetas®, with the program “Peta Zetas® with sport”, is proud to cooperate in this event full of healthy sportsmanship at all levels.