Great success of Ocaña Artistic Roller Skating Gala, with cooperation of Peta Zetas

The 3rd Artistic Roller Skating Gala took place last weekend in Ocaña, one of the skating galas where Peta Zetas® cooperated during the month of June in the area of Toledo.

Artistic Roller Skating Gala of Ocaña sponsored by Peta Zetas

The event, celebrated in “Rafa Yunta” Pavilion in Ocaña was a great success of participation with almost 1000 people enjoying the Gala. All the local skaters participated in the event, where also guest skaters from other clubs of the area performed and demonstrated their great level.

Peta Zetas® was in the Gala, supporting all participants to get their best results and encouraging them to have fun with sport.

Gala Video: here