Great success of the SIALAPYME Barcelona 2016 event

The SIALAPYME event gathered last Tuesday over 500 SME businessmen in a day where they shared inspiration, business ideas and experiences in their small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ramon Escolà en SialaPyme 2016

The vital importance of SMEs for the business world of a country is evident, and the motto “If SME is doing well, EVERYONE is doing well” has united entrepreneurs in the objective of strengthening ties and sharing ideas and experiences.

Renowned entrepreneurs such as the founders of Wallapop, Hawkers,, Enrique Tomás or Ramon Escolà, inventor of Peta Zetas® and founder of Zeta Espacial, among other outstanding entrepreneurs, took the floor and shared enthusiasm and experiences.

ramon escola y bere casillas

Ramon Escolà stressed the importance for an SME to have an enthusiastic team, because “if the team is not enthusiastic, the project will not be successful. Enthusiasm is the engine of the SME. ” And this enthusiasm must come from both the founders of the companies and each of the people who make up the team.

And the enthusiasm, courage and the determination to offer the best product and customer service were without a doubt the common sentiment shared by all SME managers who went through the event that took place last November 8th at Hotel Porta Fira de Barcelona.

Ramon Escolà also stressed the importance of being courageous and believing in innovation and globalization. Without a doubt, Zeta Espacial S.A., the company he founded in 1979, was one of the pioneers in the implementation of an internationalization strategy already in the 80’s. Currently the company exports to 60 countries in the 5 continents and has two subsidiaries in the Americas, one in the United States and the other in Mexico.

Ramon Escolà en SialaPyme 2016

The event was sponsored by major companies in the energy, transportation, banking and IT service sectors, among others.

It was an inspiring day, which recognized the effort and passion of SMEs to achieve their goals.