Have a sweet Christmas with Peta Zetas

Under the program “Peta Zetas® with the Sport”, intended to promote the values of a healthy and fun competitiveness among young people, Peta Zetas® sponsored Cerdanyola Figure Skating Club Christmas Festival.

Peta Zetas sponsor skating

This show offered a wonderful evening full of fun and energy to 200 skaters, who filled the skating rink with their choreographies and spectacular clothing. There were performances from Cerdanyola Figure Skating Club and other clubs invited to the Festival. The evening was full of creativity and color.Peta Zetas® contributed to the event with its explosive fun and sweet prize for all skaters. The Festival concluded with a final performance that was cartoon themed where all the participants took the skating ring with excitement.

Peta Zetas and the artistic skating club Cerdanyola

Peta Zetas® thanks all the participants and the public for the enthusiastic participation in this activity that promotes the values of sport for young people.

Peta Zetas and the artistic skating club Cerdanyola