Olot Artistic Skating Club, sponsored by Pop Rocks achieves the Gold Medal in the Reus Championship 2014

With an excellent technique and an original choreography inspired in the aquatic world, the big team of the Olot Artistic Skating Club, sponsored by Pop Rocks®, achieves the Gold medal.

breathes choreography Olot Artistic skating club

A top level competition, with splendid choreographies from the Olot Artistic Skating Club and the best clubs worldwide like Masnou Artistic Skating Club with the choreography “Crossroads” and Reus Artistic Skating Club with “Dear Santa” put the crowd on its feet. However, among them all, “BREATHE” surpassed all expectations and convinced judges totally, obtaining four top rates (10), launching them to the top position, leaving Masnou Artistic Skating Club in the second place. Italian Crystal Skating Team was third and Reus Artistic Skating Club was fourth.

This Gold Medal comes to reinforce the leading position of Olot Artistic Skating Club, with 100 podiums in different categories since 1993, when they started their career trained by Ricard Planiol and Ester Fàbregas. Team work, improvement spirit, work determination, as well as sportsmanship and comradeship bring them to the highest top. Pop Rocks® congratulates the team and encourages them to continue working at this top level.

Enjoy the show here: