Peta Zetas cooperates with the Roller Skating Hockey event organized by Sant Joan Club in Barcelona

The Roller Skating Hockey Event organized by Sant Joan Club in “Maristes de la Inmaculada” school of Barcelona took place last June 13th. Several Roller Skating Hockey Clubs participated in this event, that was supported by Peta Zetas®.

Peta Zetas cooperates in a roller skating hockey event of Barcelona

The matches in pre-benjamin, junior and youth categories resulted in the victory of the visiting teams, while the youngest age group of the school played a great match and obtained a well-deserved victory.

Roller skating hockey team “Maristes” of Barcelona with Peta Zetas

To close the event, trainers of all age groups played a friendly match with a team formed by ex-students of the school.

It was an intense and very fun day, because of the existing comradeship among participants and thanks to the fun provided by Peta Zetas®, who gave T-Shirts and candies to all participants. Players, family and friends had fun during the 12 hours of activities related with hockey, always inside the school. This is an event that has been repeated annually since 1945.

Roller skating hockey players supported by Peta Zetas