Peta Zetas cooperates with solidarity march “ONCO”, to fight against cancer disease

The first solidarity match against cancer disease, organised by the ONCO association from Cardedeu and Baix Montseny (catalan villages), will be possible thanks to collaborators like Peta Zetas®

Next Sunday 8th of February 600 people meet in Cardedeu to do the first popular march in favour of the fighting against cancer disease, organised by ONCO association of Cardedeu and Baix Montseny, which offers help to people who have live experiencies with cancer and other chronic diseases.

March starts at 9 a.m. from the local stadium “Pompeu Fabra” in Cardedeu and ends there as well, making an itinerary of 12 km. Once the march ends, all participants will have their present and will enter in all the sponsors products raffle, among them Peta Zetas®.

Peta Zetas®, inside its sponsors and cooperations programme, supports this initiative and feels proud for participating in solidary events like this one.