Pop Rocks participates with the kids group “Magòria Devils”

The “Little Devils of Magòria” take fun with an explosive cupcakes workshop

The “Devils of Magòria”, a group inside the “Cooperative and Teaching School of Magòria”, now know how to have fun with their afternoon snacks.

The last 26th of November they learned the explosive experiment of the Pop Rocks® cupcake, that made them remember the explosions of the fireworks without their typical equipment.

The workshop aimed to recruit more “devils”, was very successful, because the activity liked very much to all participants, who were plenty of smiles and explosions.

The “Cooperative and Teaching School of Magòria” founded in 2004 the group of the “Devils of Magòria” with the idea of developing and recovering the traditional and cultural heritage in an active way. Is a kids group formed by students of this school center, with parents, teachers and other members.

This group participates in the popular fireworks of the city. It is used to go to the local festivities from Barcelona and other cities. In addition, all years in December they organize fireworks to close the exhibition of the school.