Peta Zetas Congratulates Participants in the Full Grups Sports Feminine Soccer Tournament

The soccer season started full of energy with the basic tournaments organized by Full Grups Sports. Peta Zetas® sponsors these tournaments with plenty of hope and eagerness to see the players have fun playing sports.

The Basic Soccer Feminine Tournament took place this weekend, with the cadet/alevin categories playing, and the girls gave it their best shot!

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Partido del torneo femenino

After some exciting and intense matches, the players received trophies and gifts from Peta Zetas®, the sponsor of the event. Peta Zetas® popping candy and Peta Zetas® soccer balls were definitely a great reward for players!

Peta Zetas® congratulates all the participants, and encourages them to continue enjoying sports with the same energy and spirit.

Great job everybody!

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