Peta Zetas cooperates with the successful Roller Skating Gala of Ontigola

Last 20th of June, the 5th International Roller Skating Gala was celebrated in the local Pavilion of Ontígola (Toledo). The Gala was organized by Ontígola Skating Club in cooperation with the City Council and the support of various companies and brands like Peta Zetas®.

5th Ontígola Roller Skating Gala where has cooperated Peta Zetas

Peta Zetas cooperates in the 5th Roller Skating Gala of Ontígola

In this special edition, where the local club was celebrating its 6th anniversary, clubs, schools and elite skaters joined to offer a total of 18 performances, with the special participation of the Argentinian skater Daniel Arriola, who has 4 bronze medals and who is training 2 Spanish clubs.

The event started with Shows Groups and later on, various professional skaters like Paula de la Osada and Nuria Belinchon (national skaters) as well as the sportive dance couple Enrique Puerta and Sofía Sánchez performed at their best, as did Daniel Arriola in his performance.

Professional skaters of Ontígola Roller Skating Gala with Peta Zetas

Peta Zetas has cooperated with Ontígola Roller Skating Gala

The second part of the event started with the 3 choreographies of Ontigola Skating Club, with participation of the “Roller Boogie” group, the international skaters Elisa Carrasco and Laura Ruano, and also the Show group winner of Castilla-La Mancha. To close the exhibition, the 2nd performance of Daniel Arriola amazed everyone.

Peta Zetas® wants to congratulate all participants for their effort and encourages them to continue working to get their goals and enjoy sport.