Peta Zetas cooperates with National Artistic Roller Skating Championship of Alhaurín de la Torre

The competition, organized by the Alhaurín de la Torre Artistic Skating Club, will take place on 24th and 25th of July and it will be important for the classifications for the European and worldwide series in Colombia.

Peta zetas cooperates with national artistic roller skating of Alhaurín de la Torre.

Fans of this sport will enjoy the participation of skaters like Pere Marsillach and Kevin Bordas, Isabel Repullo, Nuria Gass and Mónica Gimeno.

The Sports Councilor Prudencio Ruiz, emphasizes that this is a championship where the best people in the country will meet, and where they will join with a comradeship atmosphere rather than a competitive one exclusively. He also highlights the very positive evolution that this local skating club has shown in the last years.

Zeta Espacial wishes the best luck to all skaters and specially to Angélica Morales, trainer of the organizer club and all her team, and recognizes their hard work and enthusiasm.