Peta Zetas sponsors Special Olympics Games of Barcelona-Calella 2014

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peta zetas sponsor of special olympics

The Special Olympics Games, celebrated in Catalonia every year since 1988, are an international sport event for athletes with intellectual disabilities. These games are a competition but also an opportunity to gather, to foster social interaction and to recognize the important role that people with intellectual disability play in our society.

Spanish and international athletes participate in 12 sport disciplines organised in Barcelona and Calella. Peta Zetas® congratulates athletes and also the almost 500 volunteers who cooperate in the event, and encourages them to enjoy this celebration.

Peta Zetas® will go along with the Olympic torch in the itinerary that will visit several towns in Catalonia, starting the 20th of October from Figueres and finishing in Calella the 30th of October. This cooperation is part of the program that Zeta Espacial S.A. launched in 2013 to promote sport, effort and team work values among young people.

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