Peta Zetas, Passion for sport

Fans of artistic skating have fun of a high level during championship. That demonstrates the growing enthusiasm for this sport.

Last February 15th and 16th, the Barcelona Artistic Skating Championship took place in Malgrat de Mar, near Barcelona. The professional ice skater Sara Mur, belonging to the Artistic Ice Skating Club “Bigues i Riells” participated in the young category and Peta Zetas® was there supporting and sharing her enthusiasm for this event.

After a good training session, with a good development of the difficult movements, our ice-skater felt the pressure of competition and did some technical mistakes, though she showed good artistic quality, while obtaining a mid position in the general classification.

Peta Zetas sponsors artistic skating

Zeta Espacial S.A., Peta Zetas® manufacturer, sponsors the “Bigues i Riells” ice skating club inside its program “Peta Zetas® with sport”, which aims to contribute to the promotion of sport and cultural activities in our society.