Peta Zetas the favorite ingredient in the “tapas” competition in Castellbell i el Vilar

Peta Zetas® has been reconized again as the winning ingredient in the bar snacks competition celebrated in the catalan village of Castellbell i el Vilar, commemorating their local festivity.

The jury was composed of famous chefs. Jordi Llobet, of the restaurant L’O de Mon San Benet; Genís Parareda, pastry chef of Mon San Benet and Josep Belmonte, professional gourmet, among others.

The winning snack bar was the creation of Marc Belmonte, who presented really special crunchy cookies with strawberry jam, chocolate and Peta Zetas®, the special ingredient.

Peta Zetas®, as always, offers a special touch as a funny and innovative ingredient. You can read the complete article in the link below: