Peta Zetas, the funniest ingredient for your recipes

Manuel Esteve, winner of Spain Masterchef Junior Cuisine Competition, creates a special cookie with Peta Zetas® for the Little Wish Foundation

Cookie with Peta Zetas by the winner of Masterchef Junior Competition

Valencia´s TV News channel informed that Manuel Esteve, winner of the second “Masterchef Junior” edition, presented his “Cookie with Peta Zetas®”, a special creation for the Little Wish Foundation

Manuel’s recipe is easy and funny, anyone can do it at home. You only need a big star shaped cookie, chocolate spread and Peta Zetas. Just spread your chocolate spread on the cookie, then add some Peta Zetas® on it and it’s ready to eat!

Peta Zetas® is the best ingredient to add fun and sound to your recipes; from birthday cakes to ice-creams and chocolates, among lots of other possibilities, Peta Zetas® always offers a special touch of fun and explosions.

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