Peta Zetas, fun for children worldwide

Since 1979 Zeta Espacial has expanded worldwide with an innovative candy range


Zeta Espacial S.A., the company that manufactures Peta Zetas® since 1979, has expanded beyond the borders and has consolidated and internationalization strategy to sell in more than 60 countries all over the world. The key is the innovation and offering a large range of confectionery products adapted to the needs consumers in a variety of markets. Zeta Espacial knows how important is to adapt brand (Pop Rocks® is the leading popping candy brand worldwide, while other brands are specific to certain geographical areas), packaging or promotional and communication strategies for each market.

That is the reason why ICEX, the public Spanish institution that promotes the internationalization of the Spanish companies and attracts foreign investments, wanted to highlight the effort of Zeta Espacial S.A. to expand beyond the borders and offers a video report (video in Catalan) with interesting information about Peta Zetas® and popping candy, the manufacturing process and how the company started the international expansion.

Zeta Espacial S.A. is a family company, today in the second generation, with international focus that believes in the value of effort, teamwork and enthusiasm as drivers of growth and guarantee of future.