Peta Zetas y Bigues i Riells

Within the framework of their collaboration in the 2018-2019 season, Peta Zetas® and the Hoquei Patins Bigues i Riells Club will continue to promote the values of sport and healthy fun, through the practice of team hockey and enjoying the team successes with Peta Zetas® popping candy.

Peta Zetas®, sponsor of Hoquei Patins Bigues i Riells Club, has spoken with them to know their objectives and hopes for this season:

PZ – How did the 2017-2018 season go?

CHBiR – The 2017-2018 season was our club’s debut in the official European competitions. The senior women’s team, formed almost entirely by players trained in the base teams of the club, reached the final of the competition, with a creditable second place.

As for the men’s team, they regained their place in the first Catalan with a splendid season and allowed us to vibrate with great hockey.

At training level, the club continues to be present in all the base categories and we increase the staff of athletes with respect to the previous year.

Socially, the club has hosted different tournaments and competitions, with the collaboration of sponsors such as Peta Zetas®, who have allowed us to get stronger in the teams with the youngest members of the club, one of our club goals.

PZ – How are you preparing for the 2018-2019 season?

CHBiR – With renewed strength. This must be a year of transition. We have developed an ambitious plan to become a reference for other training clubs in 2020, with personal development and positive results for our athletes. This intense work must bear fruit in the medium term.

PZ – Are there changes in the equipment?

CHBiR – Not substantial. Some specific reinforcements in the senior teams that provide qualit, and youth that should provide us with a plus, while we continue betting on the people of the house.

PZ – What are the goals for the next season 2018-2019?

CHBiR – We expect a lot from the base teams. For this we are reinforcing the technical organization chart of the club and promoting the development of the coaches and the personalized monitoring of the players.

In senior teams, men should be in the upper middle of the table, preparing to go for the Catalan National division in one or two years. In the women’s team we hope to repeat a presence in the final phase of the Queen’s Cup, and to be close to (or in) the European places for next season.

PZ – When will you have a Bigues and Riells Peta Zetas® National Trophy?

CHBiR – We are currently working on organizing the 3×3 Bigues i Riells national tournament. Soon we will be able to provide more data and dates for the Bigues i Riells Peta Zetas National Trophy.

Both the Club and Peta Zetas® look forward to this trophy with great enthusiasm and that we hope will be a great success of sportsmanship and fun.

In the meantime, let’s keep enjoying sport and Peta Zetas®!