Olot Artistic Skating Club, sponsored by Peta Zetas and Pop Rocks, is training for the next skating championship.

Olot Artistic Skating Club, champion in Reus 2014 championship, has started the way to its next championship with the celebration of the “Xou” Goups Territorial Competition that took place last weekend in Girona.

Choreography of the Olot Artistic Skating Club sponsored by Peta Zetas and Pop Rocks

Territorial skating competition where participates the Olot Artistic Skating Club sponsored by Peta Zetas and Pop Rocks

Sunday 18th of January at 4:30 p.m. was celebrated the “Show” Groups Territorial Competition in Fontajau Pavilion of Girona, where the Reus champion showed its new choreographies managed by Ricard Planiol and his assistant Ester Fábrega. Especially for the” Show senior” group, this is the first step to achieve its new goal, win the next artistic skating championship that is celebrated in Colombia.

Olot Artistic Skating Club achieved the best score between all the teams thanks to their choreography “Survive”, that is about the fight between strong and weak people; very high difficulty choreography for the strong physical effort and the jumps risk for the skaters. In addition, the young group skaters achieved the first position in the podium.

Peta Zetas® and Pop Rocks®, inside its sports support programs and especially as sponsors of Olot Artistic Skating Club, are proud of the effort and dedication of all the clubs and continue supporting them to work for their objectives.

“Survive” choreography from Olot Artistic Skating Club