Pop Rocks & Sephora unite to create a unique experience in grand opening of Sephora´s first store in Melbourne.

Sephora, the global beauty retailer of LVMH Group, opens their first store in Melbourne (Australia) next November 28th.


Pop Rocks® -the original popping candy brand- and Sephora -the visionary beauty retail chain- rocked the candy and beauty worlds when they came to life in the 70´s.

Since then, Pop Rocks® and Sephora are regarded as trailblazer in their respective fields while faithful to their core values: a disruptive spirit that loves innovating and passion for creating a unique experience.

Now both brands partner up to celebrate the grand opening of Sephora´s new store in the heart of CBD at Melbourne Central next Saturday 28th November 2015. The space-themed atmosphere of the event will take attendees to a world of fantasy and luxury while exclusive goody bags with Pop Rocks® will add a sparkle of fun to the celebration to make it an unforgettable experience.


There will be a huge LED screen counting down the time until beauty lift off, and SEPHORA Space Cadets will entertain the beauties waiting for SEPHORA to open at Noon.

Pop Rocks® popping candy is sold in over 60 countries worldwide, offering a fun unique experience to children all over the world and bringing back sweet childhood memories to adults.

Sephora operates approximately 1,900 stores in 29 countries worldwide, with an expanding base of over 200 stores across the Asia Pacific region and 360 stores across North America.


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