Pop Rocks is Pop Art too!

The Pop Art movement is an art style that everyone can enjoy, with bright colors, daily life scenes and imagery, sound effects like in a comic book, and approachable style.

It cannot be denied that in many of those aspects and in its essence, it resembles Pop Rocks® quite a lot! Colorful, vintage and rooted deeply in the American pop culture, it makes sense that Pop Rocks® sponsors this Pop Art exhibition.

The Illustrated Modern Pop Art Exhibit will be hosted in the gallery of the Center for Creative Education in Palm Beach, Florida; a center that encourages artistic education and creativity among children.

Pop Rocks® supports the exhibition and will provide plenty of popping candy packs for all assistants to the opening reception that will take place on June 4th.

Poster de la inauguración de la exhibición.
Viñeta de uno de los icónicos comics de José Delbo, Batgirl.

The reception will take place at MACY’S Garden Mall, which will act as a satellite to the main exhibition that will be housed at the gallery of Center of Creative Education until July 22th. The exhibition will also host workshops and activities related to Pop Art in a fun and educative fashion, something Pop Rocks® fully supports.

pop rocks

The main featured artist in the exhibit will be Jose Delbo, veteran comic artist who’s had under his pencil such famous characters as Wonder Woman and Batgirl. No doubt, children will love to see original pictures of their favorite heroes while enjoying their Pop Rocks® and learning about art!


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