Pop Rocks will rock the Georgia Aquarium this Halloween

Over 10,000 people will celebrate a funny and scary Halloween at Georgia Aquarium with the 2015 Georgia A-Scary-Um nights.

Weekends starting October 10 through October 31 Georgia Aquarium will transform into Georgia A-Scary-Um, a funny environment for the whole family to have fun in costume and trick-or-treat alongside longfin “batfish” and Japanese “spider crabs.” The Aquarium will be fitted out with Halloween decorations and music.


And on the most special day, October 31st, all the family will enjoy Pop Rocks® at trick-or-treat candy stations in each gallery, having a great time with Halloween themed craft tables and photo stations.


Source: www.georgiaaquarium.org

Georgia Aquarium is an entertaining, engaging, and educational experience for guests of all ages. While promoting a fun and enjoyable learning experience, the Aquarium instills in its guests an appreciation for the world’s aquatic biodiversity.

Throughout its history Pop Rocks® consistently tops lists of the candies kids want most as their Halloween Treat, especially with its perennial Halloween favorite: Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks®. Pop Rocks® is a trick-or-treat that rocks!

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