Popping candy, the favorite candy for recipes

Pop Rocks® is a favorite for dessert recipes. In the Seasons Gredings blog in United States, Gillian mentions that her favorite candy this month is Pop Rocks®.

Gilian offers a great idea, combining two childhood classics, popping candy and marshmallows, in a funny way. Just poke the marshmallows in a stick and melt them in hot chocolate, then dip it in Pop Rocks® and… enjoy! See the original recipe here. Also, for Spanish speaking pannacota lovers, check this great recipe

popping candy

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Popping candy is recognized worldwide as an innovative candy and ingredient, both for homemade recipes (desserts, starters, drinks…) and avant-garde cuisine creations by the most recognised international chefs like Ferràn Adrià or Heston Blumenthal, among others.

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