“Promises” Spanish Wheelchair Basketball Championship: sportsmanship and effort go hand in hand

“Promises” Spanish Wheelchair Basketball Championship (4th edition) took place last July 3-5 in Sabadell (Barcelona-Spain) with the cooperation of Peta Zetas® and it proved to be a great success.

Peta Zetas cooperates with Spanish Wheelchair Basketball Championship

The competition was very hard and all teams played at a very high level. In the end, on Sunday 5th of July, the “CAI Deporte Adaptado Zaragoza” team achieved the final victory against the “Comunidad de Madrid” team, revalidating the title obtained in the last 2 editions of the championship.

Peta Zetas supports wheelchair basketball championship

All participants of the event enjoyed the energy and positivism of the competition, with very interesting matches like the one of “CE Sant Nicolau” against “Andalucía”, where these teams achieved 3rd and 4th position respectively. Finally the 5th and 6th position were for “BSR Econy Gran Canaria” and “Euskadi” teams.

Also during the championship, other activities like workshops, a little league or matches where both people with and without disability played together, were highly applauded, and they reinforced the educational value of wheelchair basketball.

Peta Zetas® is proud of cooperating in these events that foster sport and social integration, values that Peta Zetas® shares, and encourages athletes to continue working to achieve their goals.

Peta Zetas supports wheelchair basketball championship