Ramón Escolà, founder of Zeta Espacial, has received the “Flavor of the year 2014” Award

Ramón Escolà, founder of the company Zeta Espacial S.A., has been awarded the “Flavor of the Year” Award for the second year in a row.

Peta Zetas sabor del año 2014

As the Award shows, Peta Zetas®, the funniest candy for kids, has also become one of the most surprising and innovative ingredients for the food and restaurant industries.

Its special qualities, combining flavor, sound and explosive effects in the mouth, make it an innovative ingredient that offers a unique touch to lots of applications like ice-creams, desserts or chocolates, among others, both for the avant-garde cuisine, for expert artisans and food companies that want to add innovation to their there creations.

For more information about Peta Zetas® as an ingredient, contact to info@zetaespacial.com