Solidarity on wheels with Peta Zetas

Last December 21st, Peta Zetas® joined the Solidarity Festival in Bigues i Riells for “Carreras Foundation” and “Rebost Solidari”.

Peta Zetas and supportive skatingChristmas is an excellent time for fellowship, family & friends, so in Bigues i Riells several skating clubs (CPA Bigues i Riells, CPA Sant Fost, CPA Ronçana and CPA Mollet) celebrated a Christmas Solidarity Festival, which was sponsored by Peta Zetas®. The funds raised were for the “Carreras Foundation”, to support their fight against leukaemia, and for “Rebost Solidari” (Bigues i Riells), a local NGO of the food bank.The Festival had a guest of honor, Júlia Marco, who ranked 4th in the combined classification in the Roller Skating European Championship and 3rd in the 2013 Spanish Junior Category, while she was winner in compulsory figures (Barcelona & Catalonia).Peta Zetas® is proud to support this generation of athletes who dedicate their time and enthusiasm to the sport and solidarity.Peta Zetas and supportive skating