On June 9, Peta Zetas® popping candy, along with Vila-Real Town Hall Department of Economics, the Provincial Government of Castelló and other organizations, will sponsor the 1st “Holi Colors Inclusive March”. It is an event for all types of participants organized by “Conquistando Escalones” and “Comunica’t CB” Association through its brand “Mi Perro Mola”.

Cartel de la primera marcha inclusiva Holi Colors patrocinado por Peta Zetas organizado por la Asociación Conquistando Escalones, que tendrá lugar en el centro de la ciudad de Vila Real.

“Conquistando Escalones” Association is a large family of people united by the fight against muscular dystrophy of waist 1F. Their main objective is to overcome this rare disease and also to investigate why those who suffer from it are immune to HIV, and thus be able to offer possible solutions to the millions of people who live with these illnesses. This association is raising funds to finance 6 ambitious national and international research projects to find a cure for them.

To help them achieve that goal, they have organized the 1st “Inclusive March”, where everybody can participate: adults, children, with or without disabilities, on wheels or on four paws! The fun begins at 6pm and there will be music, entertainment, fun, many colors, and many prizes, including Peta Zetas®, to be raffled among participants.
Another important objective of this march is to raise awareness among the population, especially children, that the society in which we live is very diverse and we all have a place in it, we just have to learn to respect each other. Zeta Espacial S.A., through the support of social, cultural and sports activities tries to teach kids that they should not be excluded nor should they exclude others.

If you want to be part of this festival of color and diversity do not hesitate to register online or in person at La Teua Fauna, C / Pintor Gumbau, 11. Vila-Real, to this event.

Do not miss this unique march!

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