Laughter and crackling sounds in UGAO Artistic Roller Skating Trophy, sponsored by Peta Zetas

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Artistic roller skating Ugao-Miraballes Trophy was a great success. Children enjoyed of great hours of roller skating together, great outdoor facilities with gardens, games with friends and lots of Peta Zetas® that were handed out in the event.


Various clubs from a variety of origins in the Spanish country met at the El Jaro Sportscenter in Ugao to enjoy the event. The main goal of the trophy is to help lovers of artistic roller skating to get together, meet and make friends, and above all, enjoy the practice of their favorite sport.


Peta Zetas® totally supports these goals and supported this event as sponsor and offering lots of candy to participants, who were thrilled to receive their favorite candy. We look forward to meet all these great young sport lovers once again next year.

Congratulations for a phantastic weekend!

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