cartel Festival mataro les 4 estacions

Last July 23rd, the Summer Festival of CPA Mataró took place in the Mataró´s Pavillion located in the Cirera area. As usual, Peta Zetas® was a proud supporter of the festival, together with other companies like Aigües de Mataró, the Spanish and Catalan Roller Skating Federations and City Council of Mataró. The audience attending the festival enjoyed a show full of light, color and energy that was themed after the 4 seasons of the year.

In the first part of the show, we could see the various categories of the CPA Mataró, who offered a great technical level and executed their programs with great precision. After this firt part, Peta Zetas® offered the Merit Prize to Pol Torres and Sandra Núñez who are are classified in the third place in the corresponding categories of the Spain Championship. Sandra is also classified for the European Championship. The smiles and surprise on the young sports players upon receiving the Prize were amazing.

In the second part of the show, we could see the choreographies of all members of the club. This was a great time and in the end all roller skaters celebrated the end of the festival with presents from the sponsors, Peta Zetas® among them, that brought smiles and surprise again to all their faces, offering a great ending to a show devoted to sport and its values.

Festival de verano del club  Mataro
Peta Zetas personaje patinador

Resumen gala del festival de verano del club mataro