Great Expectations about the Europe Figure Skating Championship in Oporto


The city of Matosinhos in Oporto has been filled to the brim with figure skating lovers to celebrate the Europe Figure Skating Championship. Among the contestants, there are several Spanish teams that have traveled there to fight for a medal.

Peta Zetas patrocinador de la Copa del Rey Hockey Patines

The competition is fierce and each team has proven their worth before: well-known groups like the CPA Olot and their great work in both Big Groups and Juvenile Groups categories; the Reus Deportiu in the Juvenile Groups and Quartets categories; and CP Parets, who will fight to keep the title of champions in the Quartets category.

They are just a few of the excellent teams participating in the championship, and Peta Zetas® wishes the best to each of them, and tons of luck in the competition.

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