Great Victory of CPA Olot in the Fontajau Pavilion of Girona

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On January 14th, the Territorial Federation of figure skating of Girona opened the competitions for the state and international championships in the category of “Figure skating show”.

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A completely packed Fontajau Pavilion witnessed the success of team CPA OLOT, sponsored by Peta Zetas® and other companies like ROLL-LINE and EDEA. They participated in the large group category with the interpretation of “Soy Inocente”, a choreography full of rhythm, speed, risk and innovation that reconfirms why they are ten times world champions and states that they are ready to fight for their 11th world title. Although there is still a lot to do, the Catalan and national competitions are still to come and the rest of teams, who improve day by day, will not make it easy, so we expect to have a very interesting season.

Peta Zetas apoya a Grupo gran Olot en torneo de Girona.

Group “Gran Olot”

Peta Zetas apoya a Grupo juvenil Olot en torneo de Girona

Group “Juvenil Olot”

Peta Zetas apoya a Grupo pequeño Olot en torneo de Girona

Group “Pequeño Olot”

Small and young groups, despite having done a good execution of their choreographies, have resented from the generational changes they have suffered. Teams had to replace almost half of their members, which caused a negative impact in the scores obtaining a third and fifth place in their respective categories.

Peta Zetas® congratulates all the members of the CPA OLOT participating in the competition, as well as the masterminds of these ambitious works: Esther Fàbrega, Ricard Planiol and Ana Quitana.

In addition, we want to encourage all those who could not reach the podium to continue practicing sport with energy, ambition and fair play.

Patinadora con uniforme del CPA OLOT y patines de Pop Rocks

Photo from: SES Lluch Jaen

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