Amazing performances in the cadet figure skating championship celebrated in a Coruña and sponsored by Peta Zetas

Actuación patinadora

The Championship, already on its 24th edition, has been quite a demonstration of talent, with teams from all around the country gathering medals to take back home, though the hosting team Club Patinaje Artístico La Maxia also hogged quite a few medals.

In the male category, Pau Garcia from the CPA Parets team took the gold in the freeform program, leaving the silver for Alex Medina from CPA Parets, and the bronze for Iago Méndez from CPA la Maxia.

All of them had a competition program of high quality, both in technique and choreography.

In the female category, Lidia Pujol took the gold from the Sant Vicenç Montalb after a spectacular comeback from a sixth place in the short program. The local team did not disappoint either, and took a medal thanks to Manuela Vila, who won the silver.

CPA Mataró took third place in the podium with Sandra Nuñez’s performance, who won the bronze.

¡Peta Zetas estuvo en el campeonato animando!
Podio femenino

The couples performances weren’t left behind in quality; the gold was for CPA Sentmenat, the silver for UP Rivas, and the bronze was for Covelo PA, so the metals were evenly spread among the teams.

As sponsor of this championship, Peta Zetas® wishes to congratulate all participants for their great job, it was evident than they all made a great effort and that bear fruit that they were able to reap.

Luck in the next championships!

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