Peta Zetas® is part of one of the most popular theme parties in Portugal, Revenge of the 90’s.

This idea began as a party between friends and acquaintances who shared a passion for 90’s popular culture. This idea has been so successful that a year later the tickets for this event are sold out as soon as they go on sale.

Cartel con las próximas fechas del evento Revenge of the 90’s, en donde está presenta la icónica marca Peta Zetas

Among the attractions of this party is the secrecy of its organization, which does not communicate the details of where the event will take place or the DJ’s that will play until the very same day of the event, and the reunion with all the popular culture of the 90s.

Peta Zetas®, a very up-to-date candy and also a cherished memory of the 80s and 90s, guarantees fun and good memories for everybody.

So if you want to be part of this unique experience, and you are near Portugal, don’t miss the following dates of the event.

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