Girls and Peta Zetas are the stars of the II Feminine Children C.E. Llerona Tournament

ce llerona

The tournament was held during Sunday May 29th, in Sta. María de Llerona field. Various teams played a first qualifying round in the morning, and in the afternoon semifinals and finals offered a great time to supporters and families.


Around 160 girls aged 13 and 14 played in the tournament, that offered very high level and where the most representative clubs of the girls football teams participated, like RCD Espanyol, CE Sabadell or Lleida´s AEM.

Trophy was for the home team and girls of CE Llerona enjoyed a well deserved victory.

Winners and eliminated teams received treats (t-shirts, footballs and candy, of course) from sponsors like Peta Zetas®, to add even more fun to this great weekend.


This is the positive attitude, full of friendship and healthy competitiveness, that Peta Zetas® wishes to support and encourage. In sport, working hard and having fun with sportmates go hand in hand, since you can always learn from others, either rivals or team colleagues.

Peta Zetas® congratulates all participants for a job well done.

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