Peta Zetas colabora con el trofeo internacional Ciudad de Getxo.

Last January 3-4, Getxo Show Skating Club organized the V International “City of Getxo Trophy”, with support from Getxo Kirolak and Peta Zetas® popping candy, among other organizations.

With free tickets and the participation of around 330 athletes from 9 Spanish regions and Italy, the Fadura Sports Center became the epicenter of sports in Bilbao.

Participantes del trofeo ciudad de Getxo patrocinado por Peta Zetas

The central day was Saturday 3, with the presentation of Spanish champions and runners-up like Hector Díez, Alejandra Lavin, India G. Red, Gerardo Berciano, Itxaso Carames and Cesar Tazón in the female, male and of couple categories.

Logo del club de patinaje Show Getxo con el que colabora Peta Zetas

At the end of the day, all participants received gifts from the sponsors, including T-shirts and Peta Zetas®Peta Zetas® congratulates the Getxo Show Skating Club for another successful edition of the International “City of Getxo Trophy” and congratulates all participants.

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Peta Zetas colabora con el torneo futbolístico celebrado en Lérida Antoni Bosch