Peta Zetas®, the funniest candy, becomes a sponsor of the recently formed “Artesa de Lleida Football Club”, encourages them in their new sport adventure and wishes them a lot of success this season.

Artesa de Lleida, after 4 years without local football club, ​​signed new members for their team two seasons ago, starting their sport activities in Fourth Catalan league and then ascending, in his second season, to third Catalan league.

Escudo del C.F. Artesa de Lleida patrocinado por Peta Zetas
Equipo infantil del C.F. Artesa con el cartel de Peta Zetas

The main objective of the team is the permanence in their current category and the continuous improvement of their technique, which is being accomplished thanks to the efforts of trainers and players, mostly from Artesa de Lleida.

Equipo de futbol juvenil de Artesa es patrocinado por Peta Zetas

Peta Zetas patrocina al club de Fútbol de Artesa

Peta Zetas® accompanies, supports and encourages them to achieve all their goals with effort and enthusiasm.

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