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The Rural Public School Torrejaral in Andalusia (Spain) organized a contest to celebrate the International Book day.

Students were invited to participate in this contest either by drawing a picture, in case of the youngest kids, or a drawing plus a short essay in case of older students. The essay had to be about the book of the British writer Roald Dahl, “Charlie and the Chocolate factory”.

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Peta Zetas® was delighted with this ingenious idea that promotes culture in children and decided to support the project and reward the participants, because what better prize than something sweet and fun like Peta Zetas®? The high level of creativity and quality of the drawings did not make it easy for the judges, who finally chose Alison, Pepa, Marina, Daniel, Susana, Elian, Juan, Juan Miguel, Aniana, Irene, Narwa, and Paula as winners. Well done, you are all artists!

Dibujos concurso Charlie y la Fábrica de chocolates Peta Zetas.

In the case of the essays, the most outstanding ones were the writings of Victoria (5th grade) and Mariam (6th grade). Congratulations for your amazing job!!

The Parents Association of the school also organized a theater play that was enjoyed by audience and actors. Peta Zetas® team is proud to collaborate with activities that encourage culture and reading in young students. Many thanks to all who participated and once again congratulations to the winners!

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Reparto Teatro Charlie y la fábrica de chocolates Peta Zetas.