Cartel de Peta Zetas para el festival de verano de C.P.A. Mataró

One more year, the “C.P.A. Mataró” will organize its emblematic annual summer festival on July 22nd. This most awaited event, which this year also celebrates the Club’s 30th anniversary, will be held at the Jaume Parera Pavilion in Mataró and will have the support of Peta Zetas®, the city council of Mataró and “Aigües de Mataró” among other entities.

This year’s festival will be inspired by one of the Seven Wonders of the World, “The Great Wall of China”, and promises to beat the great success of the past edition. In the show, skaters will demonstrate the skills acquired during the last school year, a path full of effort, dedication and search for improvement, values that Peta Zetas® is always ready to support.

So if you want to enjoy a great sport show with all the family, you cannot miss this great event.

Treinta aniversario del Club de Patinaje Artístico Mataró patrocinado por Peta Zetas
Cartel del festival de verano del C.P.A. Mataró patrocinado por Peta Zetas.

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Peta Zetas personaje patinador

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