Peta Zetas cooperates in the Summer Artistic Roller Skating Festival of Mataró

Last July 24th, the Mataró the Artistic Roller Skating Summer Festival took place in the local pavilion Jaume Parera, with cooperation and support of Peta Zetas® popping candy brand.

Peta Zetas colabora en el Festival d’Estiu de Patinaje en Mataró

The Festival, organized by Artistic Roller Skating Club of Mataró and the Sports Institute was a success of participation, and a great way to enjoy sport within the Mataró city local summer celebrations.

All participants enjoyed of a great show and the performance of with excellent level skaters.

Both skaters and audience received Peta Zetas® and various Peta Zetas® prizes were raffled among participants and audience.

Peta Zetas® encourages all sport professionals to enjoy their hobby and fight to achieve their professional goals.

Peta Zetas lleva sonrisas y diversión a los participantes del festival de patinaje de mataró