Peta Zetas collaborates in the V International Easter Soccer Cup

The tournament takes place next weekend March 24 through March 27 at the Open Air Tossa de Mar Club, and promises to fill Easter with fun and sports.


Easter offers a great chance to go out, take a trip and a break from everyday life, or enjoy our favorite sports with family and friends.

Full Grups Sports offers all of this in a single pack, by organizing the V International Easter Soccer Cup, which will be held next weekend in Tossa de Mar, an event in which Peta Zetas® is sponsor.

It will be a very complete weekend, starting with the arrival of teams and escorts to the facilities on Thursday; on Friday the matches will start and continue through the day and on Saturday as well. The finals will be played on Sunday, after which the prize ceremony will be held.

There will also be activities and games, both for escorts and players alike, so everyone can have fun regardless of if they are playing a match or not, and the sponsors of the event, Peta Zetas® among them, will give out presents to all participants.

To summarize, a sports event that has everything a sports lover could ask for, sports, fun and Easter celebrations.

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