Peta Zetas co-operates with the Alcobendas Artistic Roller Skating Gala

Next November 21th, in the “Amaya Valdemoro” sports Pavilion in Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain), the first edition of International Artistic Roller Skating Gala «Alcobendas European City of Sport 2015» will be celebrated.

Peta Zetas colaborará en la Gala de Patinaje Artístico de Alcobendas

This gala, where Peta Zetas® is proud to cooperate, will have the participation of some of the most famous international skaters like Alessandro Amadesi or Silvia Lambruschi. Some of our best national skaters like the artistic couple composed by Berta Vaquero and Marc Pañero or the professionals Sergio Canales and Paula Naranjo from Madrid will also offer their best performances.

This is one of the most important appointments for artistic roller skating in Spain because it brings together national, European and worldwide champions, in individual and couple categories.

The directors of the event confirm that this Gala is a unique opportunity to transmit the role that the city of Alcobendas plays this year in the task of sport development, especially with regards the artistic roller skating.

Peta Zetas®, within its program of support to sport, is proud to cooperate in this event organized by Alcobendas Artistic Roller Skating Club, where participants and audience will enjoy a great show.

Se celebra la Gala de Patinaje Artístico de Alcobendas donde colabora Peta Zetas

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