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The presentation of the teams for the current season took place last November 25 in the Bigues I Riells Sports Pavilion.

Peta Zetas y el equipo de feminino de CH Bigues i Riells

All fans gave a warm welcome to the teams that will represent them throughout the country in search of the best rankings. This year they have high hopes in the women’s team playing in the OK LLiga as well as the male senior team. Both teams presented a powerful lineup and hope to give their best in the competitions.

Peta Zetas y el equipo senior masculino de CH Bigues i Riells

The youngest members of the club, the foundation of the club´s future, provided the color note in the event, enjoying Peta Zetas® and Peta Zetas®s t-shirts in front of their fans.

El CH Bigues i Riells presenta a sus equipos de la presente temporada donde Peta Zetas asistió como invitado

CH Bigues i Riells presentación de equipos

After this event, we are sure that the CH Bigues i Riells is laying a secure foundation for a very, very promising future with their youngest teams, that will work to be like the senior teams, who play quickly, efficiently and intelligently.

Our director of sponsorships was there to wish them a very good season personally.

Peta Zetas®, sponsor of CH Bigues I Riells, encourages them to continue training hard to be examples of fair play and high-level sport, and to maintain the values of sportsmanship and union that characterize them.

Good luck!

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