If you were a child in Spain in the 80-90´s, you loved Peta Zetas®, you said “Efectivi Wonder” or answered the phone with a “Diga melon?”, we are sure you didn’t miss the TV show “Yo fui a EGB VIP” (“I attended elementary School VIP”) broadcasted last December 21st and presented by Anabel Alonso.

One of the iconic memories of this unique program was the well-known popping candy Peta Zetas®, one of the best-loved sweets of that decade that is still amusing children today.

Logo de yo fui a EGB vip con colaboración de peta zetas

The contestants who participated in this contest were chosen by casting. To help them achieve victory, they had the cooperation of famous celebrities such as the singer “El Sevilla”, actresses Vanesa Romero and Llum Barrera and the journalist and writer Maxim Huerta.

The rounds they faced included questions about the 80’s, singing famous songs used in the 80´s commercials, among many other fun tests.

One of the eliminatory rounds was about chemistry, in which participants had to do a blind taste test of a sweet and explosive product (Peta Zetas®), guess what they were eating and its composition. Does it sound difficult? Surely not for the generation that went to EGB.


In short, the evening was full of memories, nostalgia and lots of fun.

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