Peta Zetas Applauds Participants of the Barcelona Cadet and Juvenile Championship

Organized by Club Patí Parets and sponsored by Peta Zetas®, the Championship was held on the 16th and 17th April in the Municipal Pavilion Joaquim Rodríguez, in Parets del Vallès.

The free-style skaters of the different clubs gave it their all through the exciting tournament days, and proved their worth and merit to get into the next stage of the national competition: The Catalonia Championship.

All of the clubs could feel proud of their members and their hard work, develop through their long and short programs.

Actuación de una de las patinadoras del CP Parets.

Peta Zetas Felicita a los participantes del Campeonato de Barcelona Cadete y Juvenil 4

Some of them, like Club Natació Terrassa, CPA Sant Vicenç de Montalt, CPA Mataró or CP Parets; had several of their skaters atop the podium and classified for the next stage of the competition; a feat that surely is cause of celebration and pride for these clubs.

Poster de las 24 horas de Básquet Joan Rebull

Actuación de uno de los patinadores del CP Parets.

Special mention for the CP Parets, for their excellent job as organizers; they’ve shown their worth both inside and outside the rink.


Peta Zetas® congratulates all of the participants, and encourages them to keep working hard and having fun in the next rounds of the championship.

Good luck, and congratulations, everyone

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