Peta Zetas is one of your favorite memories of primary school (EGB)


If you are one of those who enjoyed (and still enjoying) Peta Zetas®; If you are one of those who remember “Sugus” and “Palotes”, if you also shouted “Rocket Punch!” or if you cried with Heidi, we have news for you!

The nostalgia of the eighties and nineties has a TV game. When? Next December 21st . Where? In your armchair, preferably accompanied by your childhood friends. Just tune your TV in to TNT channel. What contest? The one called ‘Yo fui a EGB: El concurso’, presented by well-known actress Anabel Alonso.

Contestants will not only have to answer questions, guess the tunes of mythical series or remember advertising slogans; they will also have to pass some physical challenges like rewinding cassette tapes or jumping rope.

Don’t miss it!! Memories and fun are guaranteed!

Yo fui a EGB con Peta Zetas

Book: “Yo fui a EGB” by Javier Ikas & Jorge Días (Plaza Janés). Show “Yo fui a EGB” is produced by Turnes Brd. and “La competencia”. Broadcasted on TNT channel.