Cartel del Campeonato de España Grupos Show patrocinado por Peta Zetas.

On March 9-10, Peta Zetas® candy will collaborate with the XVII Spanish Championship of Show Groups 2018, bringing joy and many surprises to the more than 700 participants of this edition.

This year, the host is the Asturian Skating Federation, which will hold the event in the sports complex of Avilés.

More than 40 high level groups, 20 for the large group modality and 20 for small groups, will participate in this event. The participating Catalan teams are CPA OLOT, one of the favorites and also sponsored by Peta Zetas®, the Girona CPA, which will not make it easy for CPA OLOT, the CP Reus Esportiu and the CPA Masnou, which is now going through a very emotional moment , after the loss of one of his choreographers and coach, Jaume Pons, a respected and beloved professional.

Teams from Galicia and Madrid will also participate in this championship. Galician teams are known by their speed and accuracy, while teams from Madrid have greatly improved their technique and may become the surprise of this championship, unseating the hegemony of Catalan teams.

There is no doubt that this event will be most interesting, both at technical level, with the daring and courageous commitment of the CPA OLOT and the freshness characteristic of the Girona CPA, and at emotional level, when the last work of the remembered Jaume Pons is presented on the complex.

Peta Zetas®, as sponsor of this Championship, will be offering t-shirts and sweets to the participants and will hand out the trophies to the winners.

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Good luck to everyone!

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