Adventures, sports and lots of fun were the experiences lived by the children who participated in the Pol Manrubia Campus, a sporting week in which Peta Zetas® popping candy collaborated with great enthusiasm.

The main theme of this campus was Roller Hockey, with lectures by OK Lliga coaches and young promising athletes, training matches and panel discussion about the European Roller Hockey Championship matches.

Niños participantes del club de Hockey Pol Manrubia con camisetas de Peta Zetas a punto de salir para una excursión.
Juegos en la piscina y charlas deportivas fueron otras actividades organizadas en el campus Pol Manrubia, apoyado por el popping candy Peta Zetas.

In addition to the activities related to this sport, they also organized football games and outdoor games such as hide-and-seek, bicycle trips and swimming pool games.

All this accompanied by Peta Zetas®, to add more fun!

Zeta Espacial, por medio de la marca Peta Zetas está comprometida en difundir el deporte entre los más jóvenes ya que es un medio eficaz para su desarrollo físico y mental.

In short, the participants spent 7 days of laughter, companionship and new experiences, which they will surely want to repeat next summer.

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