Pop Rocks Strawberry

Full Screen, the well-known digital production company, is celebrating the event MASHUP-LOS ANGELES on February 16th. This event gathers the most popular actors and actresses, stylists, designers and social media influencers in Los Angeles to meet the hottest brands in the American market.


This event is attended by celebrities such as Sara Hyland (actress in Modern Family), Aziz Ansari (actor in Master of None), Ann Foley (costume designer: Agent of SHIELD), Smosh (youtuber), among many others. They will meet at the FullScreen premises in Los Angeles to enjoy and interact with the coolest and trendiest brands, like Pop Rocks®, together with their followers.

Mashup-Los Angeles con celebridades como Sara Hyland, Aziz Ansarí, Ann Foley, Smosh.

In this gathering Pop Rocks®, one of the most recognized confectionery brands in the US, shares experiences with the most popular influencers of the moment and interacts with millennials offering them not only a great candy to eat, but also a unique experience that attracts consumers of various generations.

To know more about Pop Rocks®, go to facebook.com/PopRocksCandy/