APA Folgueroles celebrated with great success the end of the Children’s Roller Skating Show Team season and the beginning of summer with the 33rd Spring Festival, an event in which Peta Zetas® collaborated, among other sponsors.

Excelente presentación de coreografías en el festival de primavera del APA Folgueroles patrocinado por Peta Zetas

On Saturday the volunteers and organizers left everything ready for the expected event.

Colocación del cartel de Peta Zetas como patrocinador del 33 Festival de Primavera del Apa Folgueroles en el Pabellón Municipal de Folgueroles.

On Sunday, the presentations of the participating Clubs began at 5:30 in the afternoon performing their best choreographies. Pure talent!

Coreografías presentadas por los clubes CPA Sant Joan Despí, CP Osona, UE Gurb y CP Tiana en el 33 Festival de primavera de patinaje artístico organizado por APA Folgeroles y patrocinado por Peta Zetas.

Peta Zetas® appreciates everyone’s effort and congratulates skaters, coaches and volunteers for an afternoon of fun and sport.

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